Return Policy

Return Policy

What is the procedure and deadline for returning my order

Make your return 14 days from the day you received your order. 

In order to make the return, it is necessary for the product to be in excellent condition with the special markings (cards), the order receipt and the special return form.


1. Make a change with the same or another product in our physical store.

2. Make a change with the same or another product through our online store in accordance with the terms of our return policy. Make your change to the e-shop once you have made your initial purchase from there. You can send your parcel back with any shipping you want as the charge is yours.

3. Make a refund within 14 days. In this case the customer is charged with the shipping costs.

Your package must contain:

  • the product you are returning
  • your proof

You are obliged to send the product in the perfect condition in which you received it, ie without having its packaging violated and confirming that the special markings on the product have not been removed. In addition, you must send us, along with the product, the retail sales receipt. In case you want to return products that had a problem in their operation and are covered by warranty from, then the product and its support department will contact you and inform you about the repair process of this product or its replacement - if it is not repaired. In any case, before returning products for any reason, contact customer service.